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Cammegh Billboard display/monitor for american roulette casino gaming tables
Winning number billboard display for american roulette
Cammegh Winning number roulette display/monitor

ROULETTE DISPLAYS complement casino roulette tables by displaying winning results, statistics, and promotional material in pin-sharp high definition. Roulette game data can be obtained quickly and reliably from roulette wheel via video recognition.

We offer below a great selection of different roulette displays, all of them built on LCD technology. All models support single or double zero on any wheel manufacturer, offering maximum operational flexibility to casinos in any part of the world. All displays come with extended warranty support.

Standard casino roulette display is cost-efficient yet offers great looking graphics, slim black frame & discrete video camera for fast & reliable wheel number recognition. Casino can customize colour themes & add logo.Winning number display for american roulette gaming tables Available in 23 and 27 inch screen diagonal, single or double sided, all in equally compact support frame.

>Super slim animated roulette display offers additional graphical features, such as motion graphics, wheel animations, min max bets in equally slim and elegant frame, measuring just 50mm. Find the perfect match for casino floor with various roulette display Winning number display for american roulette gaming tablescasing designs, such as standard black, or gold, chrome & mahogany finishes.

The ULTRA VERTICAL slim LCD roulette display is a beatuful yet modern interpretation of the retro LED designs, that so many players of the older generations have seen in the past. MinimalisticWinning number display for american roulette gaming tables vertical tree of black and red winning numbers show players roulette game results without distractions.